Ear Candling $30

Ear Candling is mainly used to remove build up of ear wax. Its is also used to relive sinus pain, ear infections and help aid with tinnitus and vertigo.

Back Treatment $55

This back treatment is for those 'tough to reach spots' Deep cleansing and exfoliation with steam, extractions (if needed) treatment mask and treatment serum infusion followed by treatment body creme.

Cellulite & Skin Firming Treatment $55

This is a safe gentle treatment that uses ultrasonic technology, warmth and motion energy to significantly increase the depth and absorption rate of active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin.

Ingredients that contain clinically proven, breakthrough ingredients to assist in the reduction of cellulite and the appearance of stretch marks, while improving skin elasticity, hydration and smoothness of the skin.

Cleansing and Exfoliation of the back of legs and buttocks, steam towels, followed by an infusion of asap cellulite & skin firming treatment.

Full Body Exfoliation $80

Salt Scrub exfoliation of the body, removed by warm steam towels. Finish off the treatment in our shower to thoroughly remove all product. Your skin will feel completely rejuvenated. 


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